Rochelle Dancel is a producer, designer and brand strategist based in London, UK.
Stage Stories campaign
Latest Campaign

Do you have a Stage Story?

Challenged to find a new audience beyond an existing fan base, I created Stage Stories – a social media campaign to introduce the original online series, Producing Juliet, to a new niche with a mutual love of the arts.

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Every day

Creative Goodness

I am a Partner at Bats In Belfries, a brand communications team in Shoreditch, London, where I work on creative projects for organisations that want to change the world.

B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye - Raindance Official Selection

First Web Series

Life After Fletcher

Coming to the end of our third season on B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye, I’m working on a new project with my long term collaborator, Regan Latimer, at Bee Charmer Productions in Toronto.

Pimp My Web Series: SMWLDN2013

Latest Event

Pimp My Web Series 2014

Having debuted this event at Social Media Week London 2013, I’m busy programming the next one.