El Armadillo shortlists for One Shot Movie 2012

So I recently found out that El Armadillo, a film which I’m producing for Front Line Picture House, has made the shortlist for the One Shot Movie Competition 2012!

First, a little background

The film is written by Darren Bransford, and El Armadillo is also his directorial debut. We’ve been friends since we were thirteen years old at theatre school, so I am insanely proud of him!

He sent me the script, I jumped on board, we auditioned almost 40 actors in London and filmed it in one very long day a week later in the New Forest.

Like it was meant to be

Milo and Simone - El ArmadilloI am most excited about having found this cast of brand new talent, and during the casting process it was honestly as if they were meant to be in this film.

Vincent Kerschbaum originally came in to read for Victor, and he did a great job. We had another actor auditioning for Victor waiting outside and, as the other actor that was schedule to read Milo with him hadn’t turned up, we asked Vincent if he wouldn’t mind standing in for Milo whilst the other actor auditioned alongside him.

As we watched the audition, my eye was drawn to Vincent, who had instinctively managed to capture the right balance of naivety and strength, bearing in mind that he hadn’t prepared for that role. On a hunch, we asked him to read for Milo. Vincent took twenty minutes to prepare, came back in to read and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our Victor wasn’t even on the audition list. As we were leaving after a day of auditions, we ran into the studio owner. Himself a former producer, he asked us about our film and what we were looking for. We talked to him about Simone, Milo and Victor, and he pulled out his phone to call an actor that was working at the venue. Two minutes later, Fabiano De Souza Ramos came out to meet us and, after watching him read, I swear Darren and I both heard a proverbial Hallelujah Chorus.

From our shortlist of actresses, we chose Amy Rosario for giving us a Simone that was equally strong and vulnerable – a perfect complement to complete our trio. And she was so much fun at her audition, a quality that you come to appreciate on a fourteen hour shoot!

Watch the trailer

The winner of the One Shot Movie Competition 2012 will be announced at the Hackney Picture House on Wednesday, 26 September, so please keep your fingers crossed for us! We’re insanely proud of this film and we hope you enjoy our trailer.